Character Profile: Lelouch Lamperouge

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Character Profile:
Real Name: Lelouch vi Britannia
Birthday: December 5
Nationality: Britannian
Father: Charles zi Britannia
Mother: Marianne vi Britann
Sister: Nunnally vi Britannia

Code Geass has long been ended but I’m still putting Lelouch on this week’s spotlight. He started as a student of Ashford Academy who, together with his friend Rivalz, likes to gamble with the nobles by playing chess. One day, after his game, they spotted a vehicle being hunted by the police. The vehicle was being driven by an Eleven (that’s how they call the Japanese) who opposes the Britannian rule. Lelouch, being curious with the vehicle, explored it himself. There he found a capsule-like thing which contains a girl with a long green hair. Afterwards, while on the verge of death because of the shot of a Britannian soldier, the girl he earlier found offered him a power which is called Geass. That’s how he obtained the Geass. By the way, his geass is “Geass of Absolute Obedience”.

Originally, his birthname is Lelou
ch vi Britannia. But after he was dethroned as the 11th Prince and became a hostage diplomat in Japan, he changed his name to Lelouch Lamperounge. It is for his revenge for his mother’s death (because he blames his father, Empreror Charles for not doing anything to protect his mother). The other characters who know about this are his bestfriend, Suzaku Kururugi and Ashford Academy Student Council President Milly Ashford.

As a Student

he is intelligent, even compared to a genius-level. He is often seen sleeping in class and likes to skip his P.E class (as he is not good with physical activities). Lelouch is the vice-president of Student Council. He is seen as a normal student in school.

As Zero

In order to crush down the Britannian regime and to carry out his revenge (and give Nunnally a better future), he used the Elevens and made a group called Order of the Black Kngihts. Under his rule, they helped many civilian Elevens to gain their trust. Thus they’re calling themselves the “Allies of Justice”. Being the leader, Lelouch used an alias “Zero” and wear a cape and mask to cover up his identity. So most of Black Knights members didn’t know his identity except for C.C and Kallen Stadtfeld (later on the series). Since he is intelligent, he can easily devised strategies which let to the success of the Black Knights. He is good at analyzing things and situations. Some events like the appearce of Mao and the kidnapping of Nunnally, and his fight with the Lancelot showed hsi intellectual skills.

Zero Requiem

After he learned about the Ragnarok plan of his parents, he realized that, afterall he’d done, he’s just a tool used for the completion of Ragnarok. So together with Suzaku, they made a plan which is called Zero Requiem. At the end of R2, it is revealed that, it is about the assassination of Empreor Lelouch (99th Emperor of Britannia) by Zero (wore by Suzaku). He did so for the restoration of peace, and end of his dictatorship, he accpeted all the worlds anger. It is also for the achievement of his dream for Nunnally to have a better future. He also cleaned the name Zero being the Ally of Justice.

here’s some screencaps of Lelouch..

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