Censoring Manga??

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2010)

Quoted from Arama @ LJ:

Due to concerns over sexual/violent manga being accessible to children, the government is calling for a conference to pass a reform bill that may bar manga artists from being allowed to publish certain scenes. This proposed censorship has caused many worries on the manga artists’ behalf on the future of what they can freely draw.


Go Ikeyamada, author of Moe Kare!! and Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! posted up a blog entry discussing her viewpoints on manga:

We may not be able to read our favorite manga. Possibly, we may not be able to draw the scenes that we want to draw too.
This is very worrisome.
If you are interested, I’d be happy if you searched with "Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Health Promotion Rules Reform Bill." The plans are to be discussed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly on December 9. The last time, the major opposition was rejected parly because of public opinion. This time, the potential of this bill passing seems very likely. Assuming for the readers and the artists, I’m worried about the future of manga.
For me, during the top of the age of manga, my relatives had a person connected to the publishing industry. Since kindergarten, I grew up reading manga. From shoujo manga, shounen manga, fantasy, historial, deeply moving epics, even somewhat H manga, there were various (LOL), I remembered various words and information from manga. Manga was like a textbook. The good things I do, the bad things I do, the truth is there were things I couldn’t do, however, only if in the world of manga, there were things that were granted. I learned various things from manga. Thus, I came to like the free world of manga.
Among them, the H things, the extreme ones were there, but saying they are bad influences to teenagers growing up, deciding that kind of thing is null. I was brought up normally and I became an adult normally. Certainly, I think that it’s bad that excessively violent things attract small children, still, I think that regulation to a certain extent is needed. However, previously, comparing publishing businesses is being quite meticulous; shounen and shoujo manga’s violent gender portrayals are declining. This time, it seems that incest and homosexual love are also included as the object of regulations, even though long ago, there are a lot of wonderful works that made forbidden love a theme, and about to letting them be denied is really sad.
Again, to the society, if the "If they draw pure love manga, they’re No.1" creators are also here, I think the fact is there are a lot of creators who are "poor at writing about pure love, but a genius if drawing H manga!" who come and go. To me, I don’t have that kind of talent, but for this reason, I respect the creator who possess that type of wonderful talent. If the regulation of manga becomes rapidly restrictive, and considering that the power to display from the creator who holds that type of talent’s power will be lost, with a disappointment, it really will become unbearable. To draw H manga and pure love manga too will take approximately the same amount of effort; just for the readers, just for a living, we desperately draw them as we cut down on our sleeping hours and life.
Well, I hear "It’s the violent manga’s fault that sex crimes have increased" and misgiving comments; this is what I’ve heard from other people, but… in Japan, it seems that the increasing of manga that are like that and the frequency of sex crimes are completely unproportional. (The biggest sex crime was like, postwar, Showa era year 30, 1955).
Instead, the restrictions which relate gender and pornography are severe for the country, and it seems that there are statistics that also say that sex crimes are numerous. With a difficult problem, I too really don’t know what is right. I probably don’t know if my opinion is right. However, as the number one reader who loves manga, as one writer, I wish from my heart to allow manga to have its own freedom.

Source: 47news, Go Ikeyamada’s blog

Let me post here the conversation I had in Twitter about this one:

ShatteredThorns (ST): Wha…? That’s bull! Children are not so innocent nowadays that they can’t handle it.. >.<

Bishie Holic (BH): They’re being mean. Manga has its own freedom. I’ll post about the article in a little while.

ST: I read it.. I think they’re being over sensitive to things. Even I’ve earned so many things from mangas. (cont.)

the main reality part would be gone, der wud be no point to reading mangas. dat’s where ratings lyk PG-13 or Mature comes ryt.

BH: I agree with you. What’s the sense of genres and ratings? That was written on the covers so it will serve as (cont)

a precaution to the readers. So it’s beyond the control of the creators if young kids read it. And as you say, (cont)

kids aren’t so innocent right now. Sometimes they know things adults do not. ^^

ST: Excatly! The Essence of Manga have developed alot since back in the days n without a bit of cruelty in it, it won’t serve good.

and pure feelings are just a way to block the harsh reality from the eyes of those cute little children

BH: They just love to blame other people for their own faults. >_>

ST: you’re welcome ^^ That’s true yeah… its like if you don’t want your child to read something, then don’t give it to them.


I want to hear you opinions about this issue. :))

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  1. i think ppl should simply bug off..well if ur so afraid that the explicit material may fall in to under age hands..make sure they don’t,keep the rated materials in separate areas where u have to be 18 to enter to even browse let along buy..that way u can keep them from buying them..and trying put so many bans and so many restriction,will only serve to ignite their interest in them..so chill..

  2. Oh my god . . . They are worrying about censouring manga while our country is tanking?

    Good luck trying to control mangaka’s. They are most likely going to continue to draw what they please. In the U.S. we have a wonderful thing called ‘Freedom’ which means if you try to start controling what the citizens write, say, or in this matter, draw, you are going against our first amendment rights. This is ridiculous! What about porn? Or the people IN OFFICE watching CHILD porn IN OFFICE. You should work on doing something right for once and protect the children from having their lives ruined by a true pervert.

    Why don’t you shove off and leave the censouring to the parents, furthermore! If they are so worried about exposing their children to eroticism and nakedness, then get the NetNanny program like my dad had for me when I was nine. Sure, I hated it, but it worked. No way around it, and I definately tried to get rid of it.

    Deciding what their kid’s should be exposed to is a parents job, you need to do the three jobs you’re in office for and stay out of our homes and quite trying to influence everyone’s lives individually. EVERYTHING YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IN THIS DAY AND AGE IS NOT YOUR JOB!

Your thoughts?

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