BLush Anthology Vol. 2: 秘密と告白 (Secrets & Confessions)

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2014)

Just like last time, BLushCon releases their 2nd fan anthology with the theme Secrets & Confessions.

From the book

Unlock. Unveil. Uncover.

We all know that men have their dirty little secrets: the stories they’ve hidden and the lives they don’t want the world to know.

The second BLush fan anthology, Secrets & Confessions, reveals what men have been hiding behind closed doors–their most intimate and secret spaces.


“Secrets & Confessions”. Now that is intriguing. We love to uncover those dirty secrets, don’t we? 😀

For some reason, the book looks smaller and thinner than the first anthology. I check and the finds out that they are the same. www

The cover is enchanting. Yeehun does the charming illustration. And wonderful background makes it more enticing.

After a quick glance inside the book, the small font can be noticed easily. I liked the font they used in the previous volume as it is cute and pleasant to the eyes. This time, the lines are compressed so it is harder to read them.

Also it feels as if there are lesser number of stories. But then again, I check from my previous post and confirm that they have the same number of stories ^^;;. There are still a variety of contents: short stories, illustrations, and comics. Compared from the last time, the contents are longer.

Kudos to BLushCon editorial team and all contributors fro making a good fan anthology. I absolutely love many of the entries. You can find many interesting themes and style. Take your pick: pure love story, heroes, historical, sci-fi, mystery…name it!

Now onto my faves~

I think I love almost half of the stories here. xD

Junjou Shounen Kokoro – A Pure Boy’s Heart
Illustration: Yeehun
Story: Ami

A one-page story about a boy’s unrequited love (or is it?). Who would be able to resist a bittersweet feel like this? This is when you can’t help but want to cheer on the two boys and your chest involuntarily constricts for their missing chances.

Personal Deities by Maita S. Paje
I’ve always love any stories related to ancient Greece and Rome. Personal Deities presents an interesting tale between a son of a senator and a champion gladiator. Their love story is like ‘you and me against the world’.

Shironiji’s Illustration is beautiful. That tattoo… *O*

Twenty-four & Twenty-four by Bloody Empress
This is perhaps my most favorite among my faves. :3

It has a different style, presenting the story in a seemingly unrelated numerical list. It is confusing to read at first but once I get to the 2nd set of 24, things are starting to make sense. It is a kind of style that makes you really think while reading lol.

Two Can’t Keep a Secret by M.C. Jose
Aah murder, detectives, and boys in love and in heat. The way the story unravels is brilliant. The ending and pairing I am expecting are different from the outcome. I admit, I didn’t see it coming. Either I’m too busy looking for the criminal or I’m not looking hard enough for the hints and whatnot of the pairing. I mean, ugh, what will happen to Rhett now? Poor poor Rhett. D:

The Trials of Lancelot by Poptart
Oh yes sci-fi! \o/ When I was a kid, I thought Robocap was hot. LMAO

I mention Robocap because that is how I picture the Wardriver ww. Joshua is hot. Rasik is adorably lusty and hot. Both of them are hot. Ugh. lol

And last but not the least, Face the Consequences! by CinnamonRub
I loved her works ever since the first anthology. Even reading her other work, Not Yours Am I (btw read that if you haven’t ;D). This one is just as good.

Face the Consequences has almost all your BL fetishes and fantasies. The characters have vivid imaginations like fujoshis www. And lol, the turn of events surprised me. Love love love this!


Wrapping Up!

Volume 2 surpasses my love for volume 1. It exceeds my expectations and am really glad I buy this. The font worries me and so as the thickness of the book. Fear not, as BLush Anthology 2 is entertaining and absolutely enjoyable.


Note: Please excuse the LQ scans. Credit goes to all who made this book possible. 🙂

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