Bishie Holic is Back!!

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Okay, just so you know guys, this blog is not yet dead.! ^_^ I’m also glad to tell you that Bishie Holic has turned 1 last March 10. Sadly, I was too busy to take note of the date and was too wrapped up with all those school works our professors dumped on us.

There’s so many things happened right after the classes resumed last January which lead me to partially abandon all my fangirling stuffs. As you can notice, this blog is not updated now since I must admit I’m really really behind to the news out there. There are still a lot of anime episodes, mostly from Fall Anime List 2009, that I need to watch. I still haven’t started any Winter 2010 anime, to think Spring Anime is just around the corner. *sigh* I’ve got tons of manga that needs to be summarized and reviewed, both from Shoujo and Yaoi genre. So expect manga summaries and reviews popping out anytime soon. ^_^

I’ll still be having our internship, this time in the manufacturing field, for the entire summer vacation BUT I’ll keep this site updated. Please visit from time to time.. ^_^

Lastly, I want to thank all those people who dropped by and continue visiting this blog. You guys are the best.! When I started blogging, I did not expect to have a 37,960 hits and counting. Those visits and comments that you make, drives me to create summaries, reviews, and post news, and it is enough to make my day. A big hug to all of you. I hope that you continue visit Bishie Holic blog. Thanks so much! ^O^


for those who want to know, what happened to me when this site goes hiatus for the last month, check my Random Rants blog for more info..hehe

Another thing, I’ve created a Formspring account weeks ago so if just in case you feel like asking me something, go ahead. Here’s the link

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