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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Finally! I will be posting my 1st (and 2nd) Bakuman shounen ai drabbles~~~. I am fond calling them shounen ai since I only included subtle BL in my stories. So don’t expect hot and steamy scenes from it. Just pure-hearted romances only (it sounded like Junjou Romantica). Usually, I do not want my fave guy to be paired with another guy if it’s not a yaoi story. But since I do not want Shuujin with Miyoshi, I’ve decided I better see him with Saiko than with that girl. Anyway, here are the stories:

Sleepless Night

Summary: Shuujin couldn’t sleep even if he racked his brain the entire day. Seeing Saiko’s bare sleeping face is not helping him too.

Takagi stared at the ceiling of Nobuhiro Tarou’s condo unit, waiting for slumber to strike him. It was past half midnight already and the entire room was dark with the exception of Saiko’s desk. Despite the stillness of the night outside, only the clanking of the pens on the table can be heard inside. Without even looking at him, Takagi was pretty sure that Saiko was concentrating hard on his work and he had stubbornly refused to sleep until he perfects his drawings.

He heaved a deep sigh. Saiko sure overworks himself, he muttered as he tried to move to take a peek from behind the sofa. However, since he had previously removed his glasses with his intention of sleeping, he couldn’t clearly see the blue-haired guy. But even with his poor eyesight, he was sure that his best friend was so focused for he did not even flinch at all as Takagi approached his desk.

"You should go to sleep Shuujin," Saiko said blandly without even glancing at the other boy. He just continued sketching and inking his work. The kabura pen that he had dipped in the ink had smudged on the paper.

He blinked slowly upon realizing what had happened. "Oh, crap! I hope the white ink can fix this," he said while frantically searching for a liquid eraser. He accidentally placed his left hand on the splat on the paper then unintentionally swiping it on his left cheek.

The other boy had approached the desk unnoticed. "Hey you should really get some rest," Takagi said affectionately, reaching his hand to wipe the artist’s dirtied cheek. Slated blue orbs froze for a second when he did that. It must not have been his imagination too if Saiko blushed a little and then continued his work.


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Accidentally in Love

Summary: It was an accident when Shuujin fell in love with his best friend. Now, will Saiko accidentally discovers Shuujin’s feelings too?

He needed distraction.

Anything. He did not care whatever it was as long as it would keep his attention and gaze away from the guy sitting beside him. Takagi was sure that another minute of being with Saiko would barely keep his sanity. Whenever the two of them were alone, Takagi was always queasy around his friend. He did not know what had happened nor when did he start feeling that way. He cared nothing about those. The only thing that he gave a damn about was the shoulder that bumped on his from time to time, and the feeling was so new to him; it made his chest thump harder and faster every time.

"What do you think of this landscape I just drew, Shuujin?" Saiko asked, suddenly making the other boy jerk, his brilliant, hazelnut eyes meeting with those expectant slated blue orbs.


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