“Another” Novel to have an Anime

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2010)

According to Yomiuri Newspaper, an anime project of Ayatsuji Yukito’s mystery novel "Another" was announced to get underway. Its manga adaptation has been serialized in Young Ace magazine since this April.


"Another" novel official webiste
In 1972, there was a charming girl Misaki in the class 3-3 of Yomiyama Junior High School. She suddenly passed away and her classmates decided out of grief to act as if she had been alive until they graduate the school. This goodwill had deformed the class …
In 1998, Sakakibara Koichi is transferred to the class 3-3 and feels suspicious about the weird behavior of the classmates. He approaches a beautiful girl Misaki Mei, who wears an eye bandage and is always drawing pictures, but only to complicate the mystery. One day, a class representative Sakuragi Yukari is brutally killed, but the classmates behave as if they had known it beforehand. Koichi tries to find out the truth but …
Source: Scan of Yomiuri


Woah… Interesting story!! I soooo want to watch this!

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