Another anime based from one of Nakamura Shungiku’s work

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2011)

Yes, another one. 😀

Last time, it was reported that Hybrid Child will have an anime. Then, one of the anime this Fall is the second season of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (World’s Best First Love). And now, according to ANN, Junjo Romantica’s spinoff Junjou Mistake will have an anime. No further information though.


For those who haven’t read it, the story revolves around Isaka, the president (I forgot his position @.@ did he already replace his father?) of Marukawa publishing, is in love with his childhood friend and caretaker Asahina. However, Asahina seems to love another person…who appears to be Isaka’s father.


I’m thrilled with this news. >/////< This mangaka seems to be popular in Japan so congratulations to her for another anime based from one of her works! 😀

Your thoughts?

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