Another account

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I made another account. Again. This time it’s on Tumblr.

You might want to follow me there too. Don’t worry, I am in no way leaving my Bishie Holic blog here. *wink* I only publish anime, manga, yaoi, bishies photos there that you might want to look at or possible reblogged. I won’t be putting up my reviews and news there so be sure to visit this blog too! ^_^


Copied from my LJ blog..

New account..

So this is what the title is all about. I’ve created a new not so new account and that’s on Tumblr. The site is like a combination of LJ & WP, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Formspring. It’s easier to share photos and other things there. As for me, I still prefer LJ and WP for my blog as it is more personal and I can express myself more using these sites. For pics, and other things visit it also, I post pics of bishies, yaoi, glee news, and what nots.. 😀


I already posted the link on the sidebars (you may want to visit those links too)There. When you follow me, I’ll follow you back.. 😀

*PS – WP now has its own like and reblog button.. XD I find it..uhm..nevermind.. 😀

Your thoughts?

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