Anime will die out in a few decades or so?

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2010)
I was browsing on the net when a news struck me. It’s about Dai Sato discussing issues on anime industry.

According to Japan Society website, Dai Sato started as a runner at several of Tokyo’s leading animation studios and TV stations before establishing a name for himself as a TV script-writer. He has collaborated with some of Japan’s best-known anime writers, and used this experience in game development projects and interactive club events.
Dai has been a writer for critically and popularly acclaimed television series and films such as Samurai Champloo (2004), Casshern (2004), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2004), and Cowboy Bebop (1998).

So this is the news:

Cowboy Bebop Writer: Anime Will Die Out in Few Decades

The Otaku Encyclopedia author Patrick W. Galbraith reports that Cowboy Bebop writer Dai Sato said he was “frustrated” with the anime industry during a July 4 roundtable discussion titled “Living in the City: Hip Hop, Anime, Housing Projects.”

According to Galbraith’s Otaku2 web report on the discussion at the Cultural Typhoon conference, Sato dismissed the idea of “Cool Japan” and complained that much of the in-between animation work in anime is outsourced to people in other countries, who may not be aware of or invested in the work itself. Similar to director Hayao Miyazaki, Sato criticized politicians and other who promoted the image of Cool Japan for their own purposes.

Sato also decried series that were more about escape than about confronting real problems, and proclaimed that the anime industry in Japan is a “super establishment system” rather than a creative force, focused more on characters and on merchandise. He suggested that manga was “the last hold out,” and that if manga was lost then anime would not last without it.

There were some titles, however, that Sato felt were fighting against the stagnating trends, including Eden of The East (for which he wrote two episode scripts) and his own Ergo Proxy. Sato said that he continues to write anime so that there will be a next project, but that he feels anime will die out in Japan over the next few decades.

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So what do you guys think about this?

The guy sounds arrogant and self-appreciative much but hey, he’s got a point. Personally, I can’t agree to this since I am also having a feeling that sooner or later the quality of anime will decrease which will result to the lost in popularity. Some anime nowadays are focusing much on a generic theme which may or may not attract audience. They usually lack on substance and just be plainly appealing. Nothing more than that.

2 thoughts on “Anime will die out in a few decades or so?

  1. I think that its not the problem with the anime companies but with the people who watch anime who just are mainly obsessive about the characters along with ero content and people of 2ch detecting all plagiarism, from drawing to storylines, is manga stopping any good ones out there. The other thing is that it is quite hard for people to make it big with manga as a job due to the already big series out there.

    1. Yes that is correct. Some people settles with mediocre plots and be stunned with the effects totally forgetting the depth of the characters and its plot.
      Mangakas are also striving for the tough competition with their colleagues. So it is really hard to make it big in that job which is too bad for them..^^”

Your thoughts?

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