Anime Project of Shinjo Mayu’s New Manga Elite!! Revealed

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2010)

The guy wearing a suit looked like Kirara’s manager from Love Celeb.. :))


According to Mainichi, Shinjo Mayu‘s new manga "Elite!! ~Expert Latitudinous Investigation Team〜" started serialization in Monthly Young Magazine on October 13th. Its anime project has already been underway. A music clip anime will be released on November 10th.

Synopsis: Imafuku Sachi is a policeman working in a countryside. He is a sole survivor of a plane crash twenty years ago and has escaped unhurt from three accidents. One day, Imafuku is appointed to the criminal division of Tokyo Metropolitan Police. There he meets two young leaders of Special Wide Area Investigation Section.
Source: Mainichi




I was just thinking that I haven’t heard anything about Shinjo Mayu’s project (my first smut shoujo was writter by her). I am expecting smutty scenes here. BUT! I have taken the liberty to research about this on MU and it says there that this series is under Seinen category. So I might say that this one is different from the other series done by this mangaka? Like no cheesy and smutty scenes? Just as dark as Haou Airen?? Something like that? Added info: Elite!! is an ongoing manga. Woah woah woah! And now it’s anime is underway????! O_______o This must be really good.

Your thoughts?

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