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(Last Updated On: April 12, 2010)

Aarinfantasy to drop Uraboku

I am sorry to announce that we are dropping UraBoku from our fansub project list. This is because Crunchyroll has licensed it and the subs from there will be fast. Alternatively, you can also get from Yuurisan fansubs (I heard they will still fansub it despite the licensing), and they do good jobs with their projects too. These two are already good alternatives for you to get your UraBoku fix. As usual, download links will be available in our forums shared by fellow forumers, be sure to thank them too! We will be able to concentrate on other upcoming projects.

Don’t worry, Sex Pistols OVA is in very good progress, the translation has been done and it’s being checked now, so check out for the download link next week! There’s also another yaoi anime at the end of April, so stay tuned for that as well.


waaaaah…i’m expecting aarin to sub uraboku..anyway, i’m still waiting for yuurisans version.. ^_^


The Tyrant Falls In Love (Koi suru Bo-kun) to have an OVA
The June issue of Gush magazine listed an OVA adaptation of The Tyrant Falls in Love. However, no further information was included.


yay.!! finally, an anime adaptation for this series..

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