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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2009)

Nurarihyon no Mago to have an Anime

Quoted from ANN:

A poster has revealed that a television anime adaptation of Hiroshi Shiibashi’s Nurarihyon no Mago manga has been green-lit. In the story, Rikuo Nura, a kid who is part human and a quarter yōkai (demon), lives in a house full of spirits along with his grandfather. Trying to escape his fate of acting like a demon, he does good deeds in order to avoid becoming one — despite his grandfather’s wish to succeed him as master of the Nurari yōkai clan.


KissxSis OAD Announced

Quoted from Anime Nation:

Japanese publisher Kodansha also announced that the sixth volume of Bow Ditama’s original KISSxSIS manga will be released in a limited edition including a fourth OAD. The anime episode will be “episode 3″ because the first OAD released in 2008 was “episode 0.”

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