Anime Line-up (Winter 2011/2012)

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2011)

I forgot to post this. It’s been a while since I posted this on Tumblr and now, I’m posting this here. Credits to the one who made this chart and to wasabi_senbei for posting this on Twitter. 😀



Which one will you be watching? Me? I won’t probably be watching anything other than Ai no Kusabi. Yes, not even Shin Tennis no Oujisama. I was a big fan of PoT back then. xD;;


Anyway, I guess some series have already started. You might want to check them out. ^^

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  1. I’ll try to watch Inu x Boku SS (it have Nakamura Yuuichi & Miyano Mamoru there), Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (I’ve watched the other 3 series, it’s addicting with the cute Nyanko), Brave 10 (I don’t know the story, but looking at many yummy seiyuu: OnoD, HiroC, Sakurai, Kakihara, and many more), Aquarion EVOL (it also have many seiyuus: Yuuki Kaji, Namikawa, SuzuKen, Toriumi, and of course Nakamura again!). And Another seems promising too. Argh! Too many lists… And most of it are because of the seiyuus..!

    1. That’s a lot. O.O But I can’t blame you. Now that you mention the seiyuus, I’m thinking twice if I should consider watching some of them. xD;;

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