Angel Beats!

Title: Angel Beats!

Date aired: 03.04.2010 till ?

TV network:

No. of episodes:

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy


From ANN:

In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers.

Kamiya Hiroshi as Otonashi
Hanazawa Kana as Tenshi
Kitamura Eri as Yui
Sakurai Harumi as Yuri
Masuda Yuuki as Fujimaki
Kimura Ryouhei as Hinata
Sawashiro Miyuki as Iwasawa
Tokumoto Eiichirou as Matsushita
Takagi Shun as Noda
Kobayashi Yumiko as Ooyama

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Anidb (Image Source)
ANN (Sypnosis)

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