And so it ended.. (Special A chapter 99)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

First and foremost, this is a review of the last chapter only. I’ll make the whole story review later: 😀

It’s obvious that Hikari won’t go to Kyushuu. If I remember correctly, her father did not forced her to come with him. It’s Hikari who decided to go right? So what’s the fuss all about? After all the preparations that her friends made for her and losing to Takishima, she decided to stay? Okay, I understand the part that she asked her father before, to let her stay in the same school as Takishima until she beats him. Why didn’t she think of it in the first place than decides right away to come with her father to repay him. Oh well, hikari will always be hikari.

The ending of S.A is the happy ending one. All of them have their happy ending. Until the last chapter, i don’t like Finn. No mater how many times she tries to wear girls’ clothes and act girly-girly, she still looked like a guy. I can’t accept her as Ryuu’s partner. There’s no chemistry between the two of them. (Maybe she was just paired to ryuu for him not to be left behind since all S.A members have their respective pair.) I was also expecting sweet scenes for Kei and Hikari but there isn’t one.

And so, The S.A’s ending is feel-good one but nothing remarkable.

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