Alice, not in Wonderland, but in the Abyss

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Oz Bezarius is a carefree young master and a big brother to his little sister. On the day of his coming-of-age ceremony, some uninvited people appeared before him and told Oz that he must be punished for his sin. He is later pulled into a place called Abyss, a place where no one is able to return to the real world.

Out of the many titles that started last Spring 2009, Pandora Hearts caught my attention with its promising storyline and animation. I don’t have much expectation on this one since I thought this may also be one of those usual shounen adventure stories. Besides, I have at least 10 titles watching for the Spring List so it really doesn’t stood out. What amazed me is that even after I’ve dropped the other series, this series remained on my watching list.

One will easily recognize its dark theme right from the very start. It immediately showed to its audience it main plot. On the other hand, it may bring confusion to the viewer as the events were not explained until the latter part of the story. Thus, it further adds to the mystery of the main plot. It also has a huge reference to Alice in Wonderland story from the name Alice, B-Rabbit, among others.

The characters, until the very end, were not thoroughly explained. The circumstances in which they are going through are still vague. As the story progresses and unravels its mysteries, same goes with the characters. The difference is that not all characters have time to develop and mature.

The songs used in the series corresponds its theme especially it’s opening theme. My favourite song is Lacie which is a piano piece and has a soft melody.

All in all, the ending of Pandora Hearts shouts for another season as it is such a cliffhanger. It’s a good series you might want to try.. ^_^

Your thoughts?

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