Akinator, the Web Genius

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

So I was browsing the blogs when I came across to Fumino’s blog. I was curious so I tried the game on http://en.akinator.com

I was thrilled when akinator asked me questions totally related to my character considering he’s a real one. Oh well. Out of 6 tries, it answered 4 of it correctly.! The other 2 were just a trial if he would really get it.

Anyway, here’s the correct answers I’ve got.

haha..It’s all thanks to Fumino that I learned this website.. ^_^

0 thoughts on “Akinator, the Web Genius

  1. NEVER niyang nahulaan si Rinoa. Haha. Bwiset kasi si Tifa eh. Parehas sila ng features. >_< Di rin nakuha si Ceres!!! Ang loser. Hehe. Mga characters ko pa naman yun. Pero nakuha niya si Len, Hyde, at BoA. Haha.

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