Ace Attorney Live-Action

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

So it was already published.

As reported earlier, Ace Attorney will have it’s live-action adaptation film with Hiroki Narimiya as the lead guy Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright). Anyone who have played the game will have the basic knowledge of what is it about.

Now, I’m really excited with this movie. Like super excited. XD Not only that I am a fan of the game but also they’ll have Narimiya at Kiritani (even if I don’t like Maya that much in AA) *flails*. My only worry is that it’ll be an epic failure; like they’ll mess up with this one. But I’m hoping they won’t let the fans down. 😀

Other information (Credits to oasis-san from

“PhoenixWright: Ace Attorney – The Movie” (working name)

Production- Nippon Television Network Corporation

Distributor- Toho Co., Ltd.

Director- Takashi Miike

Release Date- February 11


Narimiya Hiroki – Naruhodo Ryuiichi / Phoenix Wright

Takumi Saito – Mitsurugi Reiji / Miles Edegworth

Mirei Kiritani – Ayasato Mayoi / Maya Fey

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