(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

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Who would have thought that I’ll reach my seventh year in blogging?

Work got very demanding so it’s a little quiet around here. Despite that, there are still some people who  drop by and follow this blog. Thank you! To everyone, whether you’ve been a reader/lurker since the start or have just started recently, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I couldn’t thank you all enough, really. You are all awesome beings.

I’ve been stuck to P4G for quite some time now (still slow as ever lol). I’m on my last dungeon though so I can probably whip out a a post about it soon. I’ve also started Utapri Music 3 and Project Diva f a while back so I might write a post about those as well. In retrospect, I’ve only played a single otome game (Clock Zero Vita port) last year even if I have a bunch of other games that I bought from previous years. Hopefully I can play more otome games this year!

As for manga, I’ve been reading a lot more than I can keep up with my blogging. I’m trying to decrease my backlog this year. I can’t believe that I’ve accumulated a bunch of titles, both physical and digital alike, and haven’t really started reading them. Btw, have you heard that Watshi ga Motete Dousunda by Junko will have an anime? I just did! I haven’t been reading that series for a while so I might as well catch up to that before the anime airs.

Speaking of manga, it has been on my mind since the start of the year to do summaries of the tanks that I’m reading especially those that haven’t been translated in English. But I guess that might take out all the fun of reading them by yourself? Does anybody even want to read them, just in case?

Just letting you know too that I’ve started another blog called Temptation Box where I blog about non-2D animated stuff. I post about the JDrama that I’m watching or my music discoveries for example.  With my new side-blog, I’ve decided to move my Booklogs over there. I won’t be deleting my previous posts here but for the future posts, it’ll be posted on Temp Box. Bishie Holic will remain as  my main blog, though.

That’s all for the updates! Thanks a bunch again!

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