3rd Season of Code Geass

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2011)

Sunrise’s General Manager of Overseas Development, Masayuki Ozaki, confirmed at Otakon on Sunday that the studio is looking forward to the new Code Geass anime project. The project will be released in 2012 as it’s currently behind schedule.

During the panel, Ozaki called the project the third season of the hit series. He also confirmed that Kazuki Akane (director for The Vision of Escaflowne) will be the director.

The new season titled Code Geass Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito, was originally announced last year. Bōkoku no Akito will be set within the same world as Lelouch, the previous protagonist, but with different characters and within Europe.

Jpopasia, ANN (thanks to fanaddict22)

I have a mixed feelings for this. Part of me is quite skeptic about this whole 3rd season. How can it be a 3rd season when the previous protagonist isn’t there? Or shall I say any of the characters from the previous CG? I bet this news will raise the expectations especially from the fans of the series. But I think I’ll be keeping mine low so I won’t be disappointed in case it won’t live up to its predecessors.

Another part of me (actually, the fangirl in me) is VERY excited for the new season. I’m a big fan of CG so this is really exciting. I am hoping that the protagonist this time is as loveable as Lelouch were. <33333

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  1. I have only marathoned 2 anime in my entire life, and one of them is Code Geass. Wait. I marathoned both seasons so that makes 3. >.< =)) Lol. I remembered when I was so ecstatic about these anime and not having anyone to talk about it except Arzen-kun. We were literally talking about it while our law professor explained about negotiable instruments =)) Lol. I was glad he was there ^_^

    1. XD Wow! You were really into CG! Good thing you have Arzen-san to talk to. 😀

      Let’s up this new season won’t ruin the image of Code Geass on us. 😀

  2. I really hope that the third season will be as intelligent as the previous two seasons, because that’s one of the aspects why I love the series so much!
    But I’m actually a bit afraid that they’ll make the characters from this third season resemble the ones from the first two seasons a bit too much… I’m sure you get what I mean after looking at the promotional poster… I sincerely hope I’m wrong 🙂
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!

    1. That is exactly the reason to keep me from having a high expectation on the third season. ^^;; Afterall, we don’t need a new set of characters having the old personalities of the previous ones, right? ^^

    I’m not hoping for anything like Lelouch’s story but I’m hoping to see Lelouch again (probably not possible) I like the Geass world and Geass concept a lot so I’d be happy to see more of that and the issues not addressed. Like those girls from Jupiter.

    Thanks for the news!

    1. Oh yes, the origin and other things revolving the Geass is still unclear. So they better explain that clearly in this season. 😀

      Puh-lease…even a cameo role or glimpses of Lelouch will dooo~! ^_^

  4. this anime really made me cry.i even d0wnl0aded its ost..its my m0bile’s ring t0ne and ip0d.its awes0me! And a new seas0n?i th0ught this will be about nunnally.but, new characters?well,lets wait and see.

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