Skip Beat 139

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I so love this chapter.! xD I didn’t like the Natsu Arc much. A reason maybe is because there’s no Ren on it.

Shou also made an appearance.

I think his looks changed a bit here. Is he also waiting for Kyouko’s chocolater like Reno? ^_^

Of course, my favorite part would be… Ren x Kyouko moments.! haha

It is explained how Kyoko got Ren’s birthday wrong. She’s lucky to pick the oldest issue. ^_^”

Hahaha..! I really love this! Their reaction is just so awesomely cute.!

Funny Ren. He’s caught between reason and desire.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa… Ren is so sweet.  Yashiro-san is very funny. He’s thinking too much instead of Ren. ^_^ But he has a point.

I wonder what is that gift? Waaaaah.. Next chapter come out already.

Credits to Frankly House for the scans.

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  1. Kyouko turns sweeter and sweeter each chapter. I love the audition part at the earlier chapters, especially the part where they have to talk with someone on the phone. LMAO! XDD She was a typical femme fatale!!

    Btw, It’s funny seeing Kyouko scared off with Ren’s smile.

    1. I totally agree.!! xD

      As the story goes on, so as Kyouko being affected by Ren’s gentle smile.. I really love their pairing..

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