2016 \o/

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s that time of the year again where everyone’s creating new year resolutions. If you are one of those rare people who actually ticks off their resolutions as the year passes by, kudos to you. As for me, I don’t really do well with those stuff so better to just do things than listing them then forgetting them until a new year rolls in.

So by the end of 2015, I decided to jump to digital reads after years of shunning them away. I mean, there’s no better feeling than seeing and touching the book first hand right? But that’s until reality kicks in and you’ll realize that it’s either you or your books that needs to get out of your room. And if I ever decide to go live somewhere else, it’s going to be a bother to pack all of my books and send them over to the new place. It is another matter all together if I decided to live abroad… So unless I really really really like the author or there’s no digital alternative, I’ll go for ebooks.

Choosing an e-reader is tough. From e-readers like Kobo and Kindle to tablets to e-ink tablets, there’s a lot to choose from. After so much deliberation (in contrast to the popular belief of my peers lol), I go for Kobo Aura H2O and I loved it! It is also easy to navigate through their Rakuten bookstore once you get the hang of things. I have yet to shop from the Kobo store though.

While you can only shop to affiliated stores to Kobo, I enjoy going through Rakuten book section. They have free stuff; some are previews, others are free volumes (I got Orange vol 1 and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun vol1 & 2 for free). Recently, they have a winter sale where books could get as low as 50% discount.

With that said, expect that most of the books that I will post here will be digital copies (unless I find cheap ones on secondhand bookstores).

Happy New Year again and may we all have a prosperous year ahead. Cheers!

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  1. Happy 2016!

    I have a Kobo Touch which I, through my iMac and proxy, connected to the Japanese store, and hence have direct access to everything on Rakuten. A lot of things can, if not all, be downloaded through the European Kobo webstore or even from other sources than Kobo’s own store if you can download the book from that source. But I still buy paperbooks (just not Japanese ones though). I really need to be better at not doing that, because I spent a month or so just packing books for my move in a couple of days. Hopefully I learnt something from this experience. Probably not…

    1. That’s what I like about Kobo. You can connect your Rakuten acct to your Kobo webstore and have access to both English and Japanese content. If we only have Kinokuniya in our country then importing manga wouldn’t be that hard on my pocket. xD

      1. Yeah, we don’t have any importing of Japanese comics locally, so importing it is expensive! But I can read them on my Kobo Touch in black and white or with colour spreads on the computer if bought from the store even if I just buy them in chapters, but it’s just a fraction of what an entire title would be if I imported them in physical form. It also lessens the book amount, which I REALLY want to strive for from now on.

  2. Feliz Nuevo Año!
    A kobo..I have also pondered on purchasing an ebook reader. My highest choice has always been the nook glowlight, but I think I might switch with the kobo based on what you said. Do they allow ebook downloads from computer? Thank you so much for sharing and hope this new year brings great change and positivity for you!

    1. Happy New Year!
      Do you mean, if you can sideload your other ebooks from other sources? If so, yep you can. 😀 As long as the file is supported by Kobo then it’s okay. I have trouble reading pdfs though (I guess that goes to most ereaders even if they claim that they can read pdf files). ;;;;
      You too! Thank you!

  3. I’ve also been buying stuff on the kindle app (using Amazon JP account lol) because I really like to read manga and my bookshelf is full. Not about to buy another one so the kindle is pretty great for my needs. I should probably invest in an actual one but the phone app is just too handy!

    1. I’ve only come to realize the handiness of digital books lol. If I wasn’t keen on having an e-ink reader, I would go for tablets so that I’ll just download apps from every store and then buy from whichever has the lowest price. xD

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