2014 In Retrospect

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

2014 has been a good year to me. I start the year in another country which is the first time I spend the holidays and travel abroad. That’s like a sign of a good year ahead!

Lots of things happen after that. I finish my second degree, there’s family stuff on the side, then I spend most of the year being unemployed. In October, I got a job which takes up most of my time now. /weeps

On the fandom side, 2014 made me re-discover stuff that I ignore in the past years. I fangirl different things from various Japanese-related form of entertainment. See, I’m into most fandoms – anime, manga, games, among other things. There’s many titles in each of them. Couple that with bands and idols that I’m following. I feel so drained having to keep up with the updates. Sometimes, I spend the entire day reading articles, blogs, etc and not actually doing (reading, playing, watching) what I like. I know that I should learn my limit but when obsessive-compulsiveness kicks in…

This year, I plan to change that. 😀

Okay, enough drama. Now onto the things I loved this year!


Seriously, why did I even stop watching series? WHY?? I convinced myself that I don’t like this overrated and uber popular stuff. WHO AM I KIDDING? xD Still, I notice that I become so picky with the anime series that I watch these days.

I’ve watched a whole lot of series, recent and not-so-recent alike, in 2014. Special mention goes to…

Free! ~Eternal Summer~

These boys are uber precious. MakoHaru FTW! www Let’s see, I love MakoHaru to bits and SouRin too since they’re too sexy. ReiGisa has grown on me a lot in season 2 (Hirarin! <3).

BL-fantasy aside, I loved how everyone has grown. They started thinking for themselves. Rin stops being bitter. Sousuke is a welcome addition. I legit cry during my OTPs’s confrontation scenes. ww

Thanks to this, I re-discover my love for fanfiction writing which I’ve been denying myself for the past 3 years lol (Shameless plugging: I-if you like, please visit my AO3 acct. Link on my Flavors site. :3) Because of that, I re-watched the first season and currently re-watching ES. I just loved the atmosphere of S2 more than S1. 😀

2014 is my year of sports anime. I’ve already mentioned Free! above then there’s Kuroko no Basket s2, Haikyuu!, Daiya no Ace, and Yowamushi Pedal. They are slowly taking over my life. :3c

Other than those series, there’s also Sailor Moon (2014), Shingeki no Kyojin, Psycho Pass, Tokyo Ghoul,  Zankyou no Terror, Orenchi no Furou Jijou, Love Stage, and Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus.


My reading habits haven’t changed at all; I still procrastinate a lot. That’s either a good or bad thing. Good because I discover a lot of hidden gems while jumping from one story to the next. Bad because procrastinating is bad :P. I don’t put the needed concentration in reading a story.

I’m glad I discover Ichikawa Kei and Natsume Isaku this year! I should read more manga this 2015 though. u.u


The games I finished are Clock Zero (to think I started this on 2013 XD) and Jyuuzaengi. The rest of the year is spent grinding on Tartarus. www

I only finished two games this year but I super loved them. They might as well be my favorite games! Clickie here for CZ and Jyuuzaengi reviews. 😀

Drama CDs

I am only a seasonal listener but there are two series that I am sooo into last 2014. First is… Free! xD The anime is not enough to satisfy my cravings for swimming boys. lol

Another one is a series from Rejet, Oz to Himitsu no Ai. The guys are super mean at first which makes me want to punch them in the face (except Airu <3). Later on, they turn sweet and lovely. The ending of each CD though… TT___TT


I don’t really keep up with the seiyuu circles ; A ;. But in relation to the drama CDs I posted above, my love for Mamo has deepened (can I have him as my older brother? PRETTY PLEASE???) and my affection meter for Hirarin goes to the Like level from its original Neutral state. wwwww

There, I’m done listing all the things that made 2014 awesome. I’m crossing my fingers that 2015 is going to be epic! Oh, lastly, if you put my blog on your blogroll, please please update my url from http://shikimic.wordpress.com to http://bishieholic.me .

Thanks a bunch for reading this blog in the past year. Let’s all have another bishie-filled year ahead!

6 thoughts on “2014 In Retrospect

  1. I love how you said that sports anime is slowly taking over your life. That pretty much summarizes your year! XD I also laughed at how bitter you seem to hate grinding in Persona 3. You’ll get to the ending one of these days. Faito~! 🙂

    Side note: I think 2014 is also the year when you really got into Japanese fashion (thru the lovely blogger Tricia) ^^

    Let’s have an awesome 2015! 🙂

    1. Ahahaha! I should’ve made the title ‘My Year in Sports Anime’. XDD
      It is already 2015 and I’m still in my last month in-game (which is coincidentally in January 1st lol). Thanks! 😀

      Oh my gosh, that’s so true! xD

      Yesss let’s! o/

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