Initially, the main focus of this blog is to post character profiles about bishies. Later on, it talks about anime, manga and games,  and then, reviews. With this, I am hoping that I can help other fans to know what is good and what is not out there.  The reviews usually depend on the amount of free time that I have.

This blog is titled Bishie Holic simply because I lurve bishies (* ̄∇ ̄*).  The idea came up when there was an interview featuring CLAMP where they explained why they gave the title “xxHolic” to one of their series. They mention that “xx” pertains to a word a person is addicted to. For instance, alcoholic or shopaholic. Since the blog features bishies in anime and manga, and I, being an absolute fangirl to anything that contains bishies, started the name Bishie Holic.




Nice to mee you! I’m Eu. A 20-something who has a lot of interest. You can check out my Fandoms page to know more. My reviews are mostly for fangirling purposes and sharing my thoughts on various series. English & Japanese are not my first language so I may commit mistakes here and there. 

My other hobbies are blogging/writing, reading, gaming, collecting things (mags, books, CDs etc), eating, sleeping, and watching. On my free time, I also do pharmaceutical dutiesss~

I’m also running another blog, Temptation Box, where I post stuff in whatever interests me outside the 2D realm. Please check it out when you have time!

I’d love to exchange links and meet fellow bloggers. Just leave a comment and I’ll gladly put your link on my sidebar. Come on, I won’t bite. 


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